Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tangerine Harem

Today we made some olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil cupcakes fragranced with Moroccan orange and mandarin and patchouli essential oil. We added an exotic Middle Eastern touch by decorating each cupcake with a sprig of snapped cinnamon. This particular batch came to trace very quickly and stayed malleable and creamy whilst it was piped. We've used very little colouring in this creation as the fragrance and oils imparted a creamy orange colour all by itself, and have named it Tangerine Harem.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

This is our wrapped English Rose cupcake. Dotty cellophane tied with iridescent ribbon and with a little white luminous clay plaque embossed with gold glitter and coated in shiny lacquer. The complete gift.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Midas Touch - a creamy mix of olive oil, shea butter, sustainable palm oil and mango butter all fragranced with a gorgeous combination of rich cassis, warm fig and sensual sexy white musk. Topped with a gold encrusted soap curl, this luxury cupcake weighs in at approximately 150gms.

This item will come wrapped in cellophane tied with irridescent ribbon and an embossed heart shaped plaque of pure white clay.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Introducing EarthKandi's 'Odalisque' soap, a heady mix of patchouli, sandalwood, orange, lemongrass, lavendin, pine, gardenia, and musk.  The scent is quite breathtaking, and redolent of the warm sensuality of harems, incense burners, and long warm heady Arabian nights.   This fragrance is long lasting and lingers on the skin. We've used olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil with a touch of sea green colouring and gunmetal mica, topped with curls of clear blue and green and sea hues of glitter. Each chunk weighs in at around 200gms.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Today, we cut our newly made lemon and lime soap, which we've named Citrus Spring. As you can see, it's layered with summery lemon and lime pastel colours, and topped with creamy piped swirls and green, primrose and snowy white soap curls.

Each chunky piece weighs in at approximately 200 gms. After a 6 week cure time, this soap will be hard, dense and creamy, with nice moisturising bubbles and fresh springtime fragrance to treat yourself or a loved on to. A great Easter pressie, or Mother's Day gift.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Today we made some fresh springtime themed soap ready in 6 weeks' time just as we come into March. Made with olive oil, coconut oil and carrot tissue oil, a creamy moisturising soap scented with fresh lime and lemon. Embedded inside is a pure lime green heart, and the double layered primrose and lime soap is topped with curls of palest grass green, primrose yellow and creamy white, piped with crowns of glittery ice cream swirls and yellow and white sugar rosebuds. Tomorrow I'll be cutting it into slices and will upload some more pictures.

A soap like this takes around 2 hours to make from beginning to end.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

EarthKandi creamy cupcakes in sugar pink with soft glitter frosting and sugar rose buds fragranced with Rose Absolute Essential oil and English Tea Rose fragrance oil. To create this, we used a mix of sweet almond oil, shea butter, refined olive oil and coconut oil. This combination creates a very creamy, moisturising soap with plenty of bubbles. The oil and lye mixture took very little time to trace, and thickened into a double cream like thickness that is needed for piping techniques.

We used a tiny amount of cp red soap dye to create this shade of baby pink. We prefer to use edible glitter rather than plain old cosmetic glitter in our soaps because its much softer and finer, and seems to give a more subtle shine and twinkle. These cupcakes will take 6 weeks to fully cure.   Our cupcakes come wrapped in cellophane pyramids tied with iridescent ribbon.

EarthKandi Luxury Artisan Soaps

Welcome to the EarthKandi blog.   Here, we will share our soapmaking skills with you, tips and tricks and perhaps offer some encouragement to those just starting out or wishing to make soaps.  As well, hopefully, for those wishing to purchase our goodies from us.

EarthKandi has been producing vegan and organic soap and beauty products for some time, and is now branching out into luxury artisan designs to bring something truly beautiful and unique  to the market.  Inspired by nature, and the art of the patisserie, the cupcakes are all designed to look good enough to eat.

We are working with natural oils and butters.  Olive oil.  Sweet Almond Oil.  Shea Butter.  Mango Butter.  Tahitian Monoi. Coconut Oil.  Nut oils.  Carrot Tissue Oils.  And of course, as many natural colourants as we can use, such as indigo and madder root.

Our soaps are produced using the cold process method, which is the saponification of oils and lye into soap, an age old method that ensures no parabens or harmful ingredients are placed on your body.

We also produce glycerine soaps, which are highly fragrant and skin softening, and are SLS free.

Our face creams have organic cruelty free bases holding a mix of skin rejuvenating essential oils such as Neroli, Rose Absolute and Frankincense, to suit all skin types.

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