About us

EarthKandi came into being when founder, Madeleine, discovered that certain high street bath products irritated her asthma.   After a particularly bad attack brought on by using a bathbomb, she decided to start experimenting with creating her own products.   With the help and inspiration of her partner, Steve, they researched how to make soap, bathbombs, moisturisers, body massage bars and bubble baths.  With much trial and error and the usual disasters, they finally perfected their art and became EarthKandi.  We are based in the North West of England.

The name EarthKandi was chosen because all the ingredients used are  as natural or organic as we can find.  We spent a good few years sourcing the finest suppliers for fragrances and base ingredients until we were happy with the quality and performance.   We try to use as few artificial fragrances or colours as possible in our soaps.  Our melt and pour soap is sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) free.

Our cold process soaps are created using natural oils such as olive,  sweet almond, pomegranate, carrot tissue, coconut and grapeseed,  and speciality butters, such as mango butter, shea butter, tahitian monoi.

Our face creams are 100 percent organic and only contain essential oils with skin care qualities.  It took us nearly two years to track down an organic base that was light, creamy and easily absorbed.

Non of our products contain parabens.

Our soaps and bath products are all Vegan.

Our face creams are not vegan as the base contains Lacto peroxidase, which is derived from milk.

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