Thursday, 20 February 2014

Archangel Soaps -  A new range from EarthKandi - Purchase here:

We have been thinking hard, plotting out fragrances to match the unique colour rays of the angels, and come up with three major players so far.

Our beloved Michael - the most protective of the Archangels and one called upon the most. Divine protection, safety, strength and fortitude.   We've used hale and hearty Peppermint Essential oil, soothing vetiver and refreshing Lemongrass and Sweet Orange mixed with this archangel's vibrant blue in mica, and shot through with gold mica. We've used a smattering of poppyseeds for gentle exfoliation.

Archangel Gabriel - vivid violet and gold mica fragranced with ripe fig, lush honey, sparkling pear and soft freesia.  

Archangel Raphael - the healing angel.   Two shades of his green colour ray in mica, shot through with gold and fragranced with Spearmint, sweet Orange and Vetiver Essential oils.

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